For your balanced health and well-being consultations and services include energy healing and angel healing sessions.
Auum Sublingual D contains all three essential components of Omega 3 – EPA, DHA and DPA in the balance that we require.
Young Living Essential Oils to use every day in your home. Therapeutic grade to help you with a variety of ailments.
Energy Link Healing is natural and non-invasive. Boost your own innate healing ability. Learn to Wake Up the Healer in You!
Some powerful protocols women can do to prepare themselves for pregnancy… and also during pregnancy and breast feeding.
Video production, internet TV, documentaries, DVDs, promo videos, video bios, audio CDs, web sites and digital magazines.
As an author and filmmaker,
Rose-Anne loves to cover topics that inspire and challenge you to live your best life.
A magazine to give knowledge, support, and Inspiration for families of children with special needs and physical challenges.
Real Life Changes is a proud supporter. Learn how to help families of children with special needs and physical challenges.
Eating has never been more complicated and even dangerous for the lives of North American consumers. Watch the film...
About Real Life Changes founder, Rose-Anne Turunen:

Rose-Anne Turunen is the founder of Real Life Changes. The growing offerings found here are based on her passions: health and well-being for mind, body, and soul.

Canadian best-selling author, radio show host, and iTV personality, Rose-Anne Turunen loves to inspire others to wake up to their innate abilities to heal and create the life of their dreams. An independent documentary producer, she often tackles controversial topics that she is passionate about.

Her journey of healing began when she had her two children. Her children led her on a path of discovery and learning that was not forseen due to her son being born with a genetic condition. Rose-Anne eventually went beyond the traditional medical advice that did not provide solutions, only labels and dark outcomes, to discover the powerful and life changing force of universal energy — in particular the powerful energy of love.

As she continue on this journey of learning, she is constantly inspired to share her new-found knowledge through the various mediums that she has available. Whether it be helping clients one-on-one in the Wellness Centre, creating a new video series or documentary, or writing from her heart, she hopes to help others heal their relationship with life.

Rose-Anne is also a contributor to the new travel and inspiration magazine, Infinity Magazine.
"Inspiring wellness travel and exploring our great outdoors." Infinity Magazine.


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